BFO1604 – Call Me Impressed

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early and natters his way through the 20 minutes with a voice letter and more. Happy Humping!



  1. ewwwww!!!

  2. Dear Gussie. Kyle is so darling. Wait. Bat ah.. Crazy music. Haha.

    Maybe the bag is for the paper products.

    Oh Lord, please moon man master. Calculate the forthright fortnight moons and predict the next roadside stop.

  3. According to Facebook it’s Amy Coles birthday too.

  4. Also known as FaceSpace and baby Kathleen’s mama.

  5. A plastic bag? One’s aim must be good to avoid a vile splatter field!

  6. People leave poo bags all over in sf. A friend says they are waiting for the fairy of poop to pick them up. I am happy that it’s never come to that for me. Pooping while backpacking is bad enough!

  7. Oh and I think I am having a small taste of waiting for the music to start… #bigfattyappreciationmonth