BFO2756 – Noggin

The Fat One has a full recap of the weekend plus his favorite back-to-school commercial which you can see if you CLICK HERE! Happy National Lemonade Day.


  1. Sending International good vibes from the southern hemisphere to Northeast.

  2. Sex is like pizza… When it’s good, it’s very good.

    But if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good….

    PS thanks for birthday greetings.

  3. Thanks so much Str8 Bob. This community fails to amaze me. Everyone is so caring. I’m positive Zazzles feels the love

  4. All the best NONESD

  5. Hi Big Fatty!?
    Ah, memories, loved that hated it! Good times!

    Kind of miss the back to school days. Sigh.

    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty! !