BFO251 – Womp, Womp

Big Fatty was poopy on Tuesday and slept through the events in Washington.  But, he’s feeling better (sorta) and has some more entries in the #1 Fan Contest and some “Memory Lane” music.



  1. My drunken darling,

    Bob May was the guy in the suit. He died.

    Dick Tufeld was the voice and he is very much alive.

    Rumor quelling kisses,

  2. Oh dear, maybe you might want to loosen up that girdle of yours…

  3. Anyhow, probably you should see a doctor about those pains and colonic excitements

  4. Wow – I am actually surprised at those many Nr1 entries 🙂 I thought we had to fake some for you (oops, have I blabbered it out again? Sorry……)

  5. I hope you are over the GIRD. Take your meds. I knew the Memory Lane Music right away. I used to watch Barney Miller as a kid.

  6. The famous Charleston Tug Boat & Barge Show? I’ve all way wanted to sail up for that…

  7. Hey Archerr and I were right. As soon as you said fish, I wondered if it was going to be Barnry Miller. My father was a faithful watcher of the that show and then later I watched the reruns. That was fun!! Whats next?

  8. Poor ol’ thing, sounds like you got yourself a little bug. You know, I take the Nexium every day for the gastrointestinal hoists…makes me feel a lot better. I’m a little behind on the shows (HONK) but I hope you are feeling well soon!