All Done

Thursday evening we had a visitation at the funeral home and Friday we had a celebration “service.” He was cremated so no “viewing.” I spoke at the Friday service and told about 5 funny stories about him including the “flaming chair” and “bbq sauce on ice cream” events that some of you may have already heard. The word poopalizzie was even used.

Several people have mentioned that they would like to “do something” and I am certainly grateful for that if you are so inclined. I’m asking you to donate to the Pride and Remembrance Run that turnipHed and UrbanguyTO are participating in at the end of the month.

You can make a donation by CLICKING HERE.

Should be returning to the Villa on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “All Done

  1. Sounds like a wonderful service.

    Going now to make a donation. Big hugs

  2. I’ve been thinking of you and sending uplifting thoughts your way. I suspect that, just like our podcasting family looks to you for support, your family looks to you as well. I hope that you are getting enough rest and don’t you be driving home without enough sleep. There … that’s me nagging like a right proper family member.

  3. Big Fatty –
    My condolences for your loss. This is always a difficult chapter in our lives. Hugs to you, sir.

  4. I remember the BBQ sauce on Ice cream story very well. About drove off the road I was laughing so much as you told the story. I hope your doing well. Peace be with you and your family.

  5. Oh dear…I hope the “flaming chair” is not the same as the “special chair”!!!

  6. I am sure your Hat stories were just what was needed for the celebration of his life!

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