9 thoughts on “BFO1337 – Old Battle-Axe

  1. Nah. Honestly, I’m too lazy to change my last name. Too much of a hassle. House title, social security, car title, health/car/home insurance, work, credit cards, drivers license… Maybe someday. I’m not a hippy, I swear.

  2. All roads lead to Rome – or Charlestown – I’ve heard it both ways.
    Hopefully Ms. Bacon calls the little show this week. I’d like to hear her laugh at triple speed 🙂

  3. I sure hope Lurry and Amy come back tomorrow.

    Thanks fatty! I will leave it up to you to remind the masses.

    I wish I was fine of those employees who made sure I got my two fifteen minute breaks each day.

    The weather in Rome is lovely. I sure hope my cell phone isn’t roaming …. vote Bacon!!

  4. That was a very coherent message from ms. Bacon. I wonder if it was really her.

  5. The contest starts tomorrow!!!!!!! I love Wes – not nearly as much as Kim – but lots.

  6. .”and what the hell happened to that Hatem guy ? He’s a ghost too…”

  7. Fatty, I’m so impressed at your diligence in trimming each of the stems. Sometimes that’s just too much work for me. Looks like bacon inspires comments! And I echo Herr Doktor Stone, I’m not entirely sure this wasn’t an impostor…

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