6 thoughts on “BFO1028 – Vow of Promptness

  1. Your personal secrementary doesn’t understand those complicated words. Who’s punishment is it? Yours or his?

  2. By the way, I’m going to change the current BFO “goggle goggle goggle” telephonic ring sound to the new one I discovered today: your looong goggle sound I heard at the beginning of the little show. Colleagues will just love it!

  3. Poor Mark in Mexico! Well, HatM is close to the number one beer drinkers, the czech mexicans. 🙂 Cho Li also likes the country ham, but she usually just gets slices off a picnic ham and enjoys it with some yellow sacrifice beans. Happy Friday and good luck with the puppet show this weekend!

  4. HatM says he was not drunk…no! He should pass it off as a drunk mistake. Oh, I am just kidding! I thought it was adorable! Anyways, he sounded a lot like Anderson Cooper.

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