6 thoughts on “BFO1030 – Shreadin’ and Shuckin’

  1. Yes Christina..a big part of de-lurking is to get your picture on the map.
    The Danburys spent $73.59 and saved $62.31….almost half????

  2. I didn’t know there was secrerataries competition! No wonder his contract hasn’t been renewed. After all hid did ruin it a lot of times by forgetting.

  3. With the cheese, grated cheese with some skin???
    Even preparing pizza you find a way to touch yourself inappropriately!

  4. What appropriate, talking home made pizza at the office!
    I do remember we made home made pizzas in my time too, but I must be older than you because in my days we didn’t have pizza powder in a box, we had to prepare pizza dough from scratch.
    That’s how under-developped is the mexicos.

  5. I love a homemade pizza. I have the fancy pizza thing – it is huge and has all these air holes in the bottom. Got it as a wedding gift 20.5 years ago, dang I am old!, and I do not remember askinf for said pizza pan. I can count on two hands with fingers (or thumbs) left over on how many times I have used it.

    So, do you use the boxed crust? Prepared Crust? Pizza sauce from a can? Jar? Yeast crust? Speaking of Yeast where is Kim?

    A lot of pizza talk. Do you wish for another pizza cutter? Will you re-gift one of the cutters? I had the best Pampered Chef ones and my roomies obviously left it in a pizza box & it got thrown out. I am such a fanatic about detail, how can you haul a pizza box out and not know that there’s something in the box? It was a supersized one.

    Therein lies the start of our ocesity, deep-dish pizza

    WeLl, gotta go buy toilet paper & bananas.

  6. See, I forgot to tell you how much I hated the pizza pan I got – the holes just means the crust when rolled out gets stuck in the holes which makes lifting the pizza off the pan a mess as well, if you don’t use the handy dandy serving thing (now you wanna see it don’t you) then the little pieces of pizza get all over the place.

    Now I feel like getting the ingredients to make a pizza.

    Thank ya for callin’

    Oh, before I go – I swear I have the fuzziest face in town! Should I wax?

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