8 thoughts on “BFO1047 – NO Pod Po Mo

  1. Now that I can’t get my entry pulled out if I get pulled out from the colostomy bag I’ll have to decline the crown if I get to be crown as #1 #2 or #3. That’s it.

  2. Dear gussie – as election day is getting near! I have to say I am so curious as to why Vera is the show art. Is he going to fire up a one day campaign and try to blow my campaign success? I am already planning my Thank you Games and wardrobe for the next year!

    Dear gussie – yo, yo, its the vonz. That’s the onlY competition I am afraid of!

  3. I agree Kathy – The Vonz might cut a bitch. We all should be afraid of her.
    I am team Kathy!


  4. KB – I have stooped to a cash money prize!

    A girl can’t get by on looks, bacon & fat alone!!

    Your support means the world to me.

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