BFO1048 – End of Year 4

The Fat One closes out the 4th year of the BFO with some voiceletters and #1 Fan submissions. Don’t forget that you can enter any time on Friday, Feb. 3 before midnight Eastern Time. And don’t forget to tune in to a SPECIAL SHOW on SUNDAY, FEB. 5 posting at halftime of the Big Game. There’s also information on a special competition during the first half of the Big Game but you have to listen to today’s LITTLE SHOW.

9 thoughts on “BFO1048 – End of Year 4

  1. when is the half time of the big game is exactly??? You talk about this as it is evident clockwise but for us Mexicans for which TV balls sport is not essential we don’t know when that is? Is that going to be a time I can listen to? Are you going to be live on the P48 stream? I’m confused and angry about the lack of service information about this. Though I don’t care about nominations and I might listen or not on Monday the results. Since it’s the list BFO, I might not listen on Monday even if I’m crowned. Though I might resign.

  2. You might think you know who is the administrator of the Spotting site. Well, as I might have assisted on the sticker badges uploading to the badge creator site, it doesn’t mean you and ThatPeterG are the only ones who my assistant services are asked for. Good remuneration price makes me work for anybody who asks for it. And my lips are sealed as the contract is top secret.

  3. I am sad though Miss Bacon didn’t apply for the colostomy bag! I’d love to hear her picked as the #3 fan or the #4 fan 🙂

  4. Good I didn’t call yesterday, I would be called “retarded” and that would be too much over the “crazy” and “Mexican” label.

  5. Thank You Kim Beaver!

    I have a feeling I may just have this one ‘in-the-bag’ if you will! The Uterus Bag, that is!!

    How clever is that?!? Huh?

    I am almost caught up to the little shows! Big Fatty is getting some good entries but I am pretty sure Guru_Nudie meant this to be an Election! And look at all the Endorsements I got!

    Well, if this doesn’t pan out, I very well may become a Dairy Farmer.

    HatM, the game starts at 5 Central, I believe – the Pre-game is before that – so, just call and toss in the towel and Vote Bacon at about 10:45 pm your time, right?

    Greatest US Election ever, Guru has been misising, hope its a sign that he knows this day and age Bacons Rule!

  6. Oh, HatM you are mistaken, I have rallied the troops! Ricky said he loves him some BSC Lurking Bacon, Kim has given me the pink sheep and the reins, Buff, do you know Buff from the Little Fatty Cast? He is chanting Bacon in the San Frans! Vader has confirmed his love not once but twice …. So, it was not all for Nought (literally and figurtively) it was FUN. And that my friend is why we keep coming back. Because we have fun and because mostly we do have a bond and real affections for one another.

    Did you just tear up big fatty?

    Again, ONLY Love – Always!

    Now, Vote4Bacon!!

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