BFO1156 – Late Bloomer

It’s a FULL MOON today and there is plenty of craziness happening. The Fat One natters about the BFO Census again before playing some voiceletters that include several “Ask Big Fatty” questions. Happy Eat Beans Day. VULGAH!

2 thoughts on “BFO1156 – Late Bloomer

  1. Oh, Dear Gussie McMussssieeee – I was on the process of drawing something and the absorbent iPad died. So, I am going to walk on the treadmill instead.

    Oh my gosh – Jim and I had so much fun today razzing hatm about a comment he made on his FaceSpace page – Jim said something about a goat – oh, it’s a long story – probably a location joke. You know what those are right? You had to have been there. Now I am laughing because I am not even sure if that is what it is called. Awe Shucks – maybe I should just call it into the listener line just for your entertainment – It was quite timed perfectly and funny – I suppose now you are curious?

    Now, doesn’t hattie live with zee and isnt that why he can’t do the live show because Z is sleeping? Where you getting your information? AM I missing something.

    HAHA too, Dr. Stone said ‘write me down for two’ uh, isn’t the census a ‘Count’ – so, write him down for two – two people?

    haha poor big fatty

    I got no sleep last night – going to walk on the treadmill, if that doesn’t revive me it is is Captain Morgan and Diet Dr. Pepper. Matter of fact I will put some DDP in the freezer just in case – woke at 1 or earlier and last time I looked at the clock it was past 3:15. Now my eyes want to go seepies.

  2. Lord – if you are billed by the word, let me know, I will pay you for the space – speaking of pay – I took $500 cash on vacation and only managed to come back with just over $10 in change so the prize pot must be just over $80,haha.

    Can you believe Joey actually did a tally of the death calls and prizes for the death show? WOW –

    Alright, the night is not getting any younger and I am not waking up any faster –

    Happy 4th of July Big Farty – I hope you see stars tomorrow when you toot about the place…

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