2 thoughts on “BFO1156 – Late Bloomer

  1. Oh, Dear Gussie McMussssieeee – I was on the process of drawing something and the absorbent iPad died. So, I am going to walk on the treadmill instead.

    Oh my gosh – Jim and I had so much fun today razzing hatm about a comment he made on his FaceSpace page – Jim said something about a goat – oh, it’s a long story – probably a location joke. You know what those are right? You had to have been there. Now I am laughing because I am not even sure if that is what it is called. Awe Shucks – maybe I should just call it into the listener line just for your entertainment – It was quite timed perfectly and funny – I suppose now you are curious?

    Now, doesn’t hattie live with zee and isnt that why he can’t do the live show because Z is sleeping? Where you getting your information? AM I missing something.

    HAHA too, Dr. Stone said ‘write me down for two’ uh, isn’t the census a ‘Count’ – so, write him down for two – two people?

    haha poor big fatty

    I got no sleep last night – going to walk on the treadmill, if that doesn’t revive me it is is Captain Morgan and Diet Dr. Pepper. Matter of fact I will put some DDP in the freezer just in case – woke at 1 or earlier and last time I looked at the clock it was past 3:15. Now my eyes want to go seepies.

  2. Lord – if you are billed by the word, let me know, I will pay you for the space – speaking of pay – I took $500 cash on vacation and only managed to come back with just over $10 in change so the prize pot must be just over $80,haha.

    Can you believe Joey actually did a tally of the death calls and prizes for the death show? WOW –

    Alright, the night is not getting any younger and I am not waking up any faster –

    Happy 4th of July Big Farty – I hope you see stars tomorrow when you toot about the place…

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