BFO1155 – Tickle BF’s Fanny

The Fat One reveals the big surprise today… and it’s something for EVERY BFO listener to participate in. Please take a few minutes to check all the information under TOP OF THE HEAP at the BFO. Plus there’s a start to the weekend recap and a Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal.

9 thoughts on “BFO1155 – Tickle BF’s Fanny

  1. Don’t force yourself doing something new if you’re running all of it!
    Now where’s my Monday show? How will I throw Cheerios and stay thin if there’s nothing to make me vomit?

  2. Help. I’m having Big Fatty withdrawal. Vulgah!

    Where is the little show???? Is the sun going to come up?

  3. Are the participants getting an entry into the chance to win $100? Not sure if I heard that.

  4. The last time you wore 32-inch waist? On your hand like a glove when your gentleman caller stopped by. I loved the census music. Put me down for two. P.S your app crapped out on me three times.

  5. Something Funny just happened – I cannot say what it is – but it was funny to me – so, I just have to leave it somewhere to get it off my mind – so I opted for here, laugh a little, it was funny, for real. HAHA – see, I can’t stop laughing.

    I think I am going to do a Wes Stone and unblock my Twitter account to see if I can get to 100 – course I don’t even have a twitter app on my phone right now because it sucks the life out of the dumb thing – I want my blackberry back so badly.

    You do not need to respond to this – as a matter of fact, you can delete it if you want – I am just nattering after – all – as a matter of fact I think this site should serve as a nattering site for people to post nonsensical comments like my first paragraph where code is not enough – or something like that.

    Okay, I will stop – will you tell the Granny and dancing girl Kathy Bacon says hello – I am sure they are not kathy bacon fans – they probably love when I am distracted and can’t bug the listener line – or maybe not – it’s neither here nor there – just tell them I said hi – if they like me, obviously I will never know if you did tell them hi – so I really won’t know.

    Away, count one the senses …. oh, thats not how it goes? Count on my Senses I can Smell you……hahhahahah I am so NOT funny.


  6. p.s. good thing you left the lyrics to the artists and not me…..and one should read ‘on’.

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