7 thoughts on “BFO1163 – Spammy on the Inside

  1. Jim and his hubby….2 more Massholes listening.
    I think that takes us to 4. Woo Hoo!

  2. That Kim B. is so vulgar! I did think poor big fatty about the package. Hope the contents are ok. I don’t have any strong memories of eating spam. So I guess I don’t know if I like it, but it always makes me think of Hawaii. Ah-lu-a-eh…

  3. So NOT funny. Be quiet I want to listen to the show as I knock down my 11th hour of work. These employees are not happy with their evaluations. Welcome to my world. I’m not happy with the undone work either. Which makes more sense. Ugh. Anyway – I love all the lurkers coming out. As soon as my replacement surfaces I am going to take their place (:

    This better be good. I have exactly 20 more minutes of suffer age. Thanks auto correct.

  4. Absolutely loved this show! Love the moose call at the beginning. Seriously wish I could say if timmy goes I would go to Vegas. I know he would feel the love there. Loved the spam. Loved that kim error KB wants your or you to or want you…..I can’t even say it. And love that you are so excited to send my fifty seven pound rock , I weighed it. Yep.

  5. I sure did book a room for Vegas and I couldn’t be more excited!

    All this talk about spam makes me consider trying it…

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