10 thoughts on “BFO1162 – Blishfully Unsubscribed

  1. I forgot to ask yesterday if the assistant or any other member of your entourage (Mc Noodle) is helping you keep count and make statistics about the census. How credible are those people, can we trust them in the results and anonymity of the survey?

  2. Could not access the site from my phone for three days. So I just turned my phone off and back on and it works a again. I need to find a job in IT!! Off to spend the next hour listening to your three little shows.

  3. The beaver just wants big fatty covered in pussy! Ou la la! I hear the kitties eat low carb too, so le big fatty is becoming more cat-like, svelte and will smell more appealing and meaty!

  4. Well….two down and one to go – had to take them in installments. One can only take so Mich!

    Oy! Here goes it … if I don’t come back its done gone killed me. Maybe I should respond to the sent us first. What the heck is a sent us. Damn lisp.

  5. Dont you have to have an HD TV to get HD?

    Ummmm….No smooching going on the first week of Octobre (Mexican for October) is because people are fat from dressing and turkey and pun’kin pie.

    Took me all dang day to get to this little show –

    Go back to sleep now, I will be caught up soon….

  6. I wonder – If the Beaver were to wear a T-shirt what size the Beaver would need – I need to get a soft cloth to wrap that 50 pound rock in – ?

  7. you need not respond to all of these – and if she needs a 4XL she is SOL cuz those are FOR ME!!!!

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