BFO1185 – 20,454

It looks like it’s going to take all week for the Fat One to open all the cards and packages received before he ever gets to play the voiceletters and visits “Spotting Big Fatty.” Look for a photo of all the things opened on today’s little show later in the day. Don’t forget State of the Station TONIGHT at 8pm in the evening EDT on Pride 48. Happy National Filet Mignon Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO1185 – 20,454

  1. Thanks BF, thanks Kim. It’s actually Monday night @ 7:30pm.
    If I was gay and had a MRGC, I’d call and make sure he came over tomorrow for that “extra special” once a year b-day present.No ass, but there will a glass raised(at dinner with my boys) ha ha

  2. Huh, almonds in mixer to make almond flour? If you do that actually as the almonds are greasy, you get almond paste, base for marzipan. Flour needs a thinner processor and a dry crushing.

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