BFO1186 – Designated Mexican

There more cards and giftettes arriving but the Fat One has put a dent in the stack today. Plus he tries the caveman cookie and reads the “fill in the blank” card. Don’t forget to wish Str8 Bob a Happy Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal and watch for a photo of today’s cards and giftettes later today.

5 thoughts on “BFO1186 – Designated Mexican

  1. Goodness, congratulations Scotty! It is so good to know that next time I am downunder
    and I run over a wombat I can call you for help 🙂

    Btw, are we done with reading the long form censuses ( is that a word in English?
    In Mexican it is!)?

  2. If you run over a wombat KB, you will probably need an ambulance before a lawyer.( they are very big,and I’m not sure if they trust lawyers)

  3. Like every decent lesbian I drive a u-haul esp abroad. So I probably won’t even notice running over that poor wombat. I am a horrible driver.

  4. but if you ever want to take a kangaroo to small claims court, Scotty’s your man…

  5. Happy belated bob

    I am late on the little shows. And the games even.

    Here’s an ask big fatty. Did you ever … Ever sneak peeks at your Chrimma gifts? Dang I want to tear through your mother load of pressure. Haha. I kid !

    So, did you peek at your gifts or did you just wait it out?

    When smelly buys me things he always gives them to me early. It’s true. But when he doesn’t I prolong the opening.

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