5 thoughts on “BFO13 – Lucky 13

  1. Oh my God! You must have terrific jaws (and own teeth I assume) – these sounds you produce are amazing. Wow – what on Earth did you eat? Something you found in the coal mine?

    Aesthetically I guess a cut penis is quite lovely, whereas physiologically uncut is the thing Dame Nature wanted, so what a silly woman to be grossed out if she hears about the real thing. Oh my gosh, are we already that degenerated that the look of nature itself horrifies us? (Actually I am horrified when I have to look at what Mrs Nature gave to womenfolk, but that’s just me. I suppose that there are guys who enjoy that view)
    By the way, we know all about your balls Big Fatty, but tell us, has Mr. Pinky-Winky a little hat? 🙂

  2. I need to spend a whole lot of time to empty my DVR…I have something like 26 hours of stuff to watch. I need some time off to catch up.

    I got rid of the MySpace and I think I’ll be getting rid of the Facebook soon. There’s too much to keep up with.

    I don’t happen to find the uncut penis very attractive but that doesn’t mean I would turn it down. 🙂

    I haven’t heard that Memory Lane Music before. I don’t remember Super Chicken either. Maybe I’m not as old or as experienced as I thought I was.

    Don’t eat on the podcast! hahahaha….made me laugh to hear you read those and THEN eat them!

    I get about 100 spam messages a day…sometimes more. I HATE it. And they advertise everything! They are so annoying. And I don’t need any medications for anything.

  3. You know, like you I remember that theme song, but can’t remember anything about the show itself (though wasn’t his sidekick named Fred or something unusual?). As for penises, I’ve always been more interested in how well it works, rather how it’s dressed.

  4. I just don’t like the terms “cut” or “uncut”…sounds like you’re putting your penis on a butcher block, ew!

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