The Boys of American Idol

So which of the boys will you be cheering for this year?  All 12 perform Tuesday night (2/19).  They will also be posted on the iTunes.


Chikezzee (22), Colton (18), Danny (18) & David (17)


David (25), David (24), Garret (17) & Jason (20)


Jason (28), Luke (29), Michael (29) & Robbie (26)

4 thoughts on “The Boys of American Idol

  1. No contest…Has to be the one named Chikezee…1) Because he already has only one name, like Cher. 2) Because the name reminds me of the Chik-a-fil.

    Born to be a star.

    Actually, I don’t follow the show. Am sure they are all very talented. However, many are sporting looks from various decades, Robbie: Greg Allman, Michael: Christopher Cross, Luke: Rick Springfield, Jason: Marc Almond, Garrett: Ummm…Leif Garrett…etc.

  2. My vote was for Michael Johns until I read somewhere that he had a record contract with a band, but quit because he’s a diva. I heard that the Irish girl had a record contract too, but her first album only sold 300 copies.

    I only remember David, Danny, and Michael’s performances from Hollywood, so I will go for David right now. I need to see more.

  3. Uh, Michael Johns makes my johnsweat.

    Are there ANY guys in AI this season who are straight? I mean, Jason Yager clearly was at one point to have his child (which I’m sure he must have done when he was 11), but nothing says, “Fuck me Seymor” like a blonde stripe in your black hair. Look no further than 1980’s sensation Vanilla Tea.

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