7 thoughts on “BFO12 – Happy Prezzy Day

  1. I loved Bobby Sherman! He was way cute. Think he now works on an ambulance or something.

    David Soul was one of the other brothers. Would argue that he was a bit more famous than Bobby.

  2. I remember Bobby Sherman but I have never heard of that TV show. I thought I’d see it all but that one, never.

    Unlike all the others, I’m NOT behind and I’m NOT catching up…I listen to you everyday.

    Time to go clean out some butt lint!

  3. Good gosh, when BF announced that he would podcast five days a week I thought that I could never catch up with it – but to tell you the truth, I really missed the old boy over the weekend. Thank God it’s Monday and Big Fatty’s back :))

    I really admire your memory. All those songs and shows you dig up from the past – amazing. I am sure you can stil remember songs and music from the time when people wore whigs, drove in carriages and powdered their noses! You are a phenomenon, just fatastic 🙂

  4. I loved “Here Come The Brides”, partly because I had a big crush on Bobby Sherman. I’d forgotten that David Soul was on it. My favourite character, other than Bobby’s, was Biddie (played by Susan Tolsky, who also played “Bernie” the secretary on “Madame’s Place”). But for some reason the theme song has been stuck in my head for 39 years–no wonder I can’t remember anything.

    The crickets are back!

  5. I remember seeing reruns of “Here Come the Brides” on the Family Channel, before it became ABC Family Channel, and that was about the only redeeming feature of the Family Channel.
    always thought Bobby Sherman and David Soul were hot. Thanks for sharing this memory.

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