BFO131 – 1956

Big Fatty starts off with nothing to talk about and ends with him talking about nothing for 20 minutes.  However, there is some “Memory Lane” music.  Don’t forget that today is a Random Act of Kindness Day!

5 thoughts on “BFO131 – 1956

  1. hey big fatty now i know what my mom was doing in November because i was born on august 20th thanks big fatty

  2. What a great idea to have 2 birthday months! I’ll have to try that sometime. When is the actual day that the fat one came into this world in August?

    I had no idea what the memory lane music was but I did remember the show Ben Casey. I don’t think I watched it though.

  3. Happy Birthday Month!

    For some reason I vaguely remember that opening, but only just. It was the symbols thing (maybe I saw it somewhere else later?). What I remember more is that my sister had a “Ben Casey” board game, though I don’t remember her ever actually playing it. I guess these days it’d be a vidjo game.

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