5 thoughts on “BFO132 – Congloberation

  1. I never missed “Bonanza”! Mind you, it was in first-run at the time. The ones I remember the most were after Adam left. I also remember when Dan Blocker died and they killed him off in the show, a bit like when Will Geer died and “The Waltons” had to accommodate that fact, too.

    But about that burning map: Do you remember how the burning used to start when it was “branded” by a Chevrolet logo branding iron?

  2. Larry gave you the iPod Touch?! That’s SO nice of him! There is so much you can do with it. I’m sure you’ll love it but it will take you forever to figure it out since you don’t use the computras.

    I totally got the Memory Lane Music today. I didn’t watch Bonanza but I do remember the music.

  3. Good LORD! I did not give BF the iPod touch. ARCHERR AND HIS CRS. The Kittey gave it to him. I would have sold that $hit on Ebay so fast….

  4. Dearest Fat One,

    Regarding Bonanza, Little Joe was NOT so little. That’s why I LOVE little guys. Just saying…
    By the way, where on Earth did they find spandex cowboy pants in the 1800’s???? Talk about BOX!

    Poor Archerr….can’t spell….can’t remember who gave The Fat One the iPOD Touch due to her ADVANCED CRS (aka “too much wine”). Anthony and Larkin will need to have a fundraiser for her Betty Ford Clinic bill. Bless her heart.

    Major hugs to the BF!

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