BFO133 – The Last “Jaded City” Opening

BF chats about some other podcasts and starts the show with his final opening clip from “Jaded City” which has officially pod-faded.  But don’t be too poopy because there’s “Memory Lane” music and voice letters including one from someone famous who has never called any podcast before.  Hmmmmm…. I wonder who it could be.

6 thoughts on “BFO133 – The Last “Jaded City” Opening

  1. I was going to comment on something or other, but when I heard Kim Beaver, well who the fuck could remember anything after that?! Oh, except filmstrips, the YouTube of their day.

  2. Loved the X-Files, watched ’em all. The cigarette smoking man’s nickname on the show was “cancer man”. He was played by William B. Davis, who has frequently visited Squamish. I met him once while I was working in a restaurant up here. Thanks for the shout-out from yesterday! I don’t know about civic holiday, but we had our gay pride on Sunday here. Pics can be found at

  3. Damn…I guess my CRS IS getting bad. Sorry I said Larry gave you the iPod Touch. I meant to say Miss Kitty. Oh well.

    Sorry your dog died….but we all do. I do know about filmstrips. I actually still have one I use at school. I have to dig out the machine but it’s a good filmstrip so I keep it.

    I didn’t watch the X Files but I did know the music.

    OMG! You heard from Kim Beaver! I am SO jealous!

  4. cot darn it big fatty the twitters are easy, jus write about shih ur doing. it’s like the ultimate site for narcasists… thats why i luv it haha
    jamie89 (twitter)

  5. I throughly enjoyed this episode, even though I heard portions of it on someone else’s podcast first. Although, the Kim Beaver voicemail was a thrill. Leave it to you to come up with original content, while the rest of us just have to steal.

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