7 thoughts on “BFO134 – Corn Dumps & Quiz Programs

  1. So sad that your actor dumped you 🙁 Why don’t you play that sergant yourself? You have the hairdo, the looks and the attitude! I think that would be so hot!
    BF in uniforms… OMG the moisture here has risen all of a sudden…

  2. That sucks that the guy pulled out of the play. Good luck finding a replacement that will join the cast quickly.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever had a corn dump but I’m sure it’s satisfying.

    I think Neil Patrick Harris is so hot.

    I requested to see your tweets on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what you tweet about.

  3. Sorry that guy pulled out so prematurely. Hate it when that happens.


    The only thing that rocks harder than corn poop is talking about corn poop.

  4. sorry about the guy leaving. i love a good corn dump peas do the same thing thanks big fatty

  5. As my good friend, The Duchess of Windsor, always used to say, “You can never be too rich or have too many corn dumps.”

    Words to live by.

  6. My thoughts, exactly – Robbie – Wes, that was my thought.

    iTunes needs more tags – – – > Gross, Ruined, Explicit…..

    If you have CRS that corn thing might be confusing – you would never remember exactly ‘when’ you ate the corn – so much for monitoring those guyz (bowels…am I allowed to type that here?)


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