BFO135 – Summon the Heros

The Fat One chitta chats about the upcoming Olympics, recycling and plays a couple of voiceletters.  Don’t forget to call Miss Wes at “Live It Up” and wish him a happy birthday and check back at the BFO at NOON (EDT) on Friday for a special birthday gift for Miss Wes.

2 thoughts on “BFO135 – Summon the Heros

  1. Its so weird you talked about recycling today…I was just thinking yesterday about posting a poll about whether or not people recycle and where. We recycle the shit out of stuff down here in AusTex. We actually have a very cool recycling program. But I noticed folks in, say, OKLAHOMA CITY don’t recycle and it bugs the shit out of me. Not so much that they don’t recycle…but when the parentals come down here I have to constantly dig cans and newspapers and batteries and all kinds of stuff out of my trash can to properly dispose of. I wonder what other areas of the country aren’t recyclers. I hate to be an asshole, but I was actually surprised you said you did!

    The summer olympics seem to come about as often as I do these days. Sadsies.

    Have a great day fatty.

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