6 thoughts on “BFO1359 – New Sponge

  1. Just before our hockey game in Hawaii ( I lived in Kahala,Kyle) an old Canadian mountie told me the best way to freeze fish is to freeze into a block of ice,no freezer burn. Works well for broccoli, brussel sprouts,etc.
    I also freeze my yogurts.
    Off to surf Phillip Island in the am( little pengies all around)
    Thank you for calling.

  2. Mister me likes tomato juice with his beer, although cans of TJ cost more big jugs grow mold before its half gone.

  3. My parents buy the little tonic water too. I like them, but the price for them always deters me from buying them.

  4. Isn’t a Sponge a form of Birth Control?

    I love that Wes Stone leaves messages.

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