BFO1385 – Poopin’ With Poodle

It’s Miss Beaver’s birthday and the Fat One is celebrating and so will you when he reads the very last BFO Census form. Happy weekend.


5 thoughts on “BFO1385 – Poopin’ With Poodle

  1. Oh dear, no wonder the Faroes were kicked out of the Eurovision Song Contest 🙂

  2. Hi Big Fatty….as it’s May 17,I thought I would ask a question about everyones favorite Inigma Kim Beaver. Maybe you could shine some light on the origins of your relationship with her?
    How did you meet? How long have you known each other? Etc..

  3. Happy exiting to the greatest KB in the Planet, or on the Planet except when she flies then its in the galaxy, right?

    We are lucky to have her …. Like lucky ducks!

    No fondue …

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