3 thoughts on “BFO1470 – Got a Zinger

  1. Dear Gussie (:

    I am full of cheesecake.

    Vader ran 3.3 miles. Go him. I wonder how long it took him.

  2. I carried 3 bags of coins to Vegas and back. Should have just used a fishbowl sign up to give them away. Each bag had $16. Get it? 16*3=48. Anyway – was going to have a guessing game who ever was closest.

    Anyway. Meh. Its a fat day.

    Watching Dr who – season 1 episode 4 – the pig looking alien. Hello.

  3. Oh dear, I need a pop filter. I hope you know, Mr. Fatty, my comment was spoken out of love. 🙂 Just catching up on shows this morning. Sorry to be so behind! 🙁

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