BFO1499 – Ding Does

The Fat One has a bacon-filled LITTLE show today. There’s the coupon and LOTS of voice letters plus a technology report. Happy National Bologna Day.



  1. Oh Lord …. Now I must listen and find out what hipster was talking about. (Aka guru nudie).

  2. Most calls from a single caller ever? We need Brain From Boston, the resident historian of the BFO to weigh in…

  3. Change the number – block my number!

    But do the Ab challenge please. The next one is and and squats.

  4. As is my big fatty late? Confused again♥

  5. Eek! You are sounding quite scratchy! Please take care of the fat one and be healthy!! -Concerned Fog Dwellers who Adore Big Fatty

  6. Poor BF, being sick. Get well. How come Poodle isn’t sick nor getting any medicine?

  7. Though any dripping from BF makes us horny! Vulgah!