6 thoughts on “BFO1515 – Gland Foridian

  1. I bet Kim is traveling.

    Where is Bob.

    I have a home for my postcards from them and hat.

    Hint. Hint.

  2. We all love the kitty 🙂

    I disagree with you BigFatty, using an unprotected wifi is like entering a house when the door is not locked go into the kitchen and eat all the ham.

    We all love Ms Kathy.

  3. To be honest, I abused open wifis too ( in times of great need to
    check my mail and twitter) but I always felt bad about it
    What is the legal situation anyway, is it illegal? Why not ask Dr Stone? He is a lawyer, isn’t he?
    Or is it not the white wig on his head but his own hair???

  4. Boys have basketball 5 nights a week Kbay.
    With Xmas coming up, the posties are working long shifts.

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