BFO1514 – Slurpin’ the Soup

Poodle is NOT happy today as Big Fatty has hidden the squeaky kitty. There’s lots of nattering about the coupon, egg nog and plenty of voice letters. Happy National Pickle Day.


5 thoughts on “BFO1514 – Slurpin’ the Soup

  1. Outrageous! I will send another kitty. Poor Poodle, how dare you BigFatty.
    Who are you? Auntie Vera abusing her Conscience?
    This might even bring back Ms Bacon out of her hiatus to give you a spanking!

  2. In case you miss it on the twitters give her the damn cat back NOW VERA!!!!!!!!!!

    How dare you tease Poodle!!

    I will send her a litter of cats!!!

    So mad and I’m not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unconscionable ….

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