8 thoughts on “BFO1523 – Retiring?

  1. Timmy(who sounds a bit like Brian from Boston)…I’d reckon Big Fatty gives thanks most days that are visited by by gentlemen.

  2. Do it BF! Retire and think of all the fancy lunches you can have with the Skull complaining about Larry H. Veder.

  3. Peter obviously does not follow my facespace, meh – but don’t worry love, thanks to the BigFattyFiber diet although I feel a bit bloated I do not intend to pop soon. But if I do, I will call you so that I can end up as show art on POTSL

  4. I try not to resent it too much when people younger than me retire.
    woohoo. d8-P

    On the other hand, with all your copious free time, you can expand the show to 7 days/week.
    woohoo! d8-)

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