5 thoughts on “BFO1600 – This Explains Everything

  1. Took a personal day. Suffered through a hib and back out of place for a few weeks and finally went to the chiropractor yesterday. A now I’m just sitting still so they stay where they belong. Not to mention the hip pain is giving me the worse sick stomach.

    Obviously I have not listened to the show.


  2. I have to admit I have often wondered if there is something like that going on with the brain. Kind of like time also seems to go faster because there are so many previous memories against which the brain can throw the present experience. Maybe I’m crazy. I hope my brain doesn’t fall apart quite as quickly as the rest of my body seems to be doing! Also hooray for the savings! I love the peanut butter too. I affectionately think of it as bean paste and peanuts are a legume… 😀

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