7 thoughts on “BFO1607 – Cacklin’ Hens

  1. Sorry for your loss Kim.
    I will keep you and your girlfriend in my thoughts.

  2. Great job on the gift Kim,I Iove it when he squeals in excitement.
    Kinda reminds me of when Woody Allen won the beauty contest in Sleeper.

  3. I am suspect that creating that fat wonder isn’t the reasons the biebbbbbeavers computra took a nosedive.

    Cannot wait to see it!!! Pot big fatty was overwhelmed with delight.

    Well! Time to get ready to do my time … LOL, aka go to work.

  4. Pot?? Poor.

    Dumb phone.

    Thoughts to KB & Missus – I thought you were speaking of the computra …

    xox & xoxxooxoxxx
    (Second set for KB).

  5. I am glad you liked the little book – thanks for all the fun and joy you bring to us 🙂 which I need even more now that all my lesbian porn is gone with the hard disk. A new one with the repairs will be 350 bucks – fortunately I found a back up from last june so some of the data might be reconstructable.
    That is the good thing about a book, there is no battery or hard disk that could crash or die.

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