BFO1607 – Cacklin’ Hens

The Fat One recaps the weekend which includes Granny’s new diet and opening a very special giftette in the P.O. Box. Happy Monday.


7 thoughts on “BFO1607 – Cacklin’ Hens

  1. Great job on the gift Kim,I Iove it when he squeals in excitement.
    Kinda reminds me of when Woody Allen won the beauty contest in Sleeper.

  2. I am suspect that creating that fat wonder isn’t the reasons the biebbbbbeavers computra took a nosedive.

    Cannot wait to see it!!! Pot big fatty was overwhelmed with delight.

    Well! Time to get ready to do my time … LOL, aka go to work.

  3. Pot?? Poor.

    Dumb phone.

    Thoughts to KB & Missus – I thought you were speaking of the computra …

    xox & xoxxooxoxxx
    (Second set for KB).

  4. I am glad you liked the little book – thanks for all the fun and joy you bring to us 🙂 which I need even more now that all my lesbian porn is gone with the hard disk. A new one with the repairs will be 350 bucks – fortunately I found a back up from last june so some of the data might be reconstructable.
    That is the good thing about a book, there is no battery or hard disk that could crash or die.

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