5 thoughts on “BFO1609 – Sneeze-O-Meter

  1. Tried to buy some ammonia at the supermarket the other day, but they don’t sell it in stores anymore. The terrorist win.

  2. Good Lord.

    One might say you blew your was yesterday. I’m talking cash money. Get your mind out of the gutter. Spent all your good calls yesterday.



    Love Poodle.

  3. Was.

    Dear Gussie.

    So happy or is Wednesday. Monday zipped by. Yesterday crawled. Here’s hoping it’s a zippy day. M

    Missed the birthday show last night. What’s with me waking up every two hours. It’s driving me nuts.

  4. Do me up the butt Norman! (TM) Vera Charles

    I write lists all the time!

    I also write exclusively with fountain pens and they are still being made:


    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s history lesson. Thanks for another 20 minutes of ruination.

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