4 thoughts on “BFO1608 – Barbara Blvd.

  1. She is moving in a month. It appears she is going to spend her last month visiting. Thank God I’m a self starter.

    I sure hope KB gets new porn for Chrima.


    Okay! Onward. Today is a three task day!

    I’m so happy Kalvin won!

  2. I think this guy got a different job. I have never heard more people at his desk criticizing his work as much as they have in the past two weeks.

    He’s fighting with his woman now. He is so loud. Nothing changes he says. Haha.

    This is my new thing – does it cost you money for me to post here? I don’t want to run up your storage bill.

  3. So sweet of you to mention a month of shows that don’t make sense 😉 maybe those are the best shows. KB is hilarious…storage space? Hope your Hump day is going well in the future!

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