5 thoughts on “BFO1616 – Ready for a Puppet Show

  1. Blah, blah, blah………it makes your cock look bigger Timmy.
    Full stop.

  2. Just watched Django, second time in my life I’ve heard someone say tinkers dam.

  3. I need a Kim beaver update.

    Please and thank you.

    Speaking of. Yes. Did you belch and fail to tell us after a minute whatnot was

    Holy crap. Has poodle been checking out Daniela nd Adam and Daniel and Robert and drum major lev and Brian in danburys trek through NYC?? My gosh! Adam had an onion bigger and fried. Onions.

    Have me indigestion looking at it.

    Sent Jerald on a wild waffle maker hit today. Four stores later he got one. So much for no carbs. But I thought I could use it as a sandwich maker with your bread. Can you spell it. And is it only in trader joes because we don’t have one of those but we have a similar store. Natural abundance.

    It’s Harley season. Just went an d put 14 miles on. Whichs isnt a lot but about 45 minutes tooling around town.

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