5 thoughts on “BFO1624 – Hair Shirt

  1. When Miss Bacon or KayBay hears the Mexicans little tune she is first horrified and then filled with wonder. As in I wonder when I made that call. Or I wonder what the H I was thinking. All kinds of wonderment. Sometimes utterly embarrassed.

    However. All calls are sincere and all questions and situations are real. And here you all were wondering that followed: Don’t play the rest of this on the show. Uh-huh!


  2. Oh. Toppie – couldn’t you have worked it out for him to be the 1600th caller so he could win?

    Speaking of – where is my Prize?


  3. Let me join the chorus of those calling for a more in depth exploration of the no underpants phenomenon. Does poodle go commando too?

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