3 thoughts on “BFO1645 – Flying Colors

  1. Bare with me. LOL.

    It’s dance recital week and graduation. And my mother is here.

    We have graduations to attend not present.

    Anyway – I will catch my breath Tuesday as Monday I drive my little miss to Watertown to catch the bus for Knoxville. I am pretty sure mid-Thursday I will be suffering separation anxiety.

    Winners announcement next week. Hey! It might be my fault that Kinglsey is not entered. When I saved the file from the Face Space toy laptop and sent it the administrator couldn’t open. It. I was able to as I have a copy of it hanging on my fridge.

    Do you require postage to send thes prizes? Dear Gussie! Now that you paid the Fart Monole off

    Did you hear Daniel volunteer me to provide a prize for his little contest!?!?
    The joke will be on them when the prize is one hour Skype with me. Hahahha.

  2. I would like to encourage everyone to replace the phrase “Cray Cray” with “Kay Bay” – because there is no better way to describe crazy than Kathy Bacon.

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