3 thoughts on “BFO170 – Draw Snowflake!

  1. Dearest Fat One,

    Kudos are in order for the well deserved verbal spankings of assorted podcasters on today’s show. Regarding the aforementioned: 1) If the “Less is More” rule were followed. listeners would not be subjected to nauseating recounts of the clumsy sex horrah of podcasters. It’s NOT gay porno, people. Bless her plaid heart; and 2) Ryan Heidi Fleiss Sloppy Bottom Von Cum Dumpster Jones can simply travel one hour to St. Petersburg, enlist the professional advice of Babaloo the licensed speech therapist, and finally learn to pronounce “Corrimal” properly or she cant suck it. Bless her litigious heart.

    Hugs to the BF and hope your weekend is swell!

    PS No “artistic renderings” of the HORRAH are really necessary.

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