BFO1764 – Irish Prostitute

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today including a visited to Spotting Big Fatty, a Gentleman Caller Report and a joke from the Hatarina. Happy Hump Day.

Gay Christmas Week

3 thoughts on “BFO1764 – Irish Prostitute

  1. Aww, I love that song!!! Who is it? Not even Shazam recognized it.

    Of course one could think, ouch – that should not be the reason, but don’t worry. Brian and Larry wisely waited long enough til that curse took effect, so if they adopt now, it is all out of love and now I am crying a bit.
    I wish them luck and happiness and many many BFOs !

  2. Thanks for the #Lexi shout out. I loved it. Loved the song. What is it from? So sweet to dedicated it to the Danburys. Great show. Thank you.

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