5 thoughts on “BFO178 – Sea Hag

  1. Wow. I didn’t know that Auntie Vera and Brooke Astor are the same person. It’s a well known fact that that Brooke was a shut-in for many years, but I thought she was DEAD. Who knew?

    Hugs to The Fat One!

  2. Ron beat me to it! I had no idea Auntie was Brooke Astor…..and alive!

    You certainly did natter on and on and the time was over before you knew it!

  3. Impossible, this woman is too young and tiny. That stool couldn’t support fat Vera. I suspect that Auntie Vera doesn’t exist at all. She is just one of BigFatty’s weird creations to fool us. We know how good he is with voices. Imagine the horror of her actually being real, the thought of TWO such crazy old bats being out there. No, that would be too much… And aren’t they both so very much alike? Same age, same fat, same strange kind of humour? No, they both are too similar. I can smell it 🙂

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