3 thoughts on “BFO179 – 10-10 and Listenin’ In

  1. Who am I to argue with “Studs and Spurs”? I defer to their magnificence. “Canberra”, the capital of Australia, is pronounced “CAN-bruh”). And we’ve reached a new low when an American living in New Zealand explains Australian pronunciation and geography. I’m sure this will stop once Scotty is better situated (and I don’t just mean his underwear).

    Was that Kim Beaver singing during Ramble Redhead’s message?

    Use Big Fatty terms? Are you serious? Every fucking day! Mind you, I count “y’all” in that mix, but only because Mr. Larry H. Vader (V-e-d-e-r) is no longer podcasting.

    But forget all this irrelevent stuff: Where’s our Mystery Lane Music?

  2. Wasn’t that nice of the Occasional Fags and VJ to leave me a birthday message. Of course you’ll have to play it again in May. But that was nice. 🙂

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