3 thoughts on “BFO1891 – A Tear in my Eye

  1. Thanks for asking Gus Chad.
    I bought an Ipod for music, and realised that there were these things called podcasts.
    I saw DJ David Jays podcast The Gay Trucker and thought it would be an interesting contrast. He would always mention Big Fatty so I gave it a go. Sold!
    There was a guy that use to call Madge Weinstein named Str8 something or other…I stole the str8 not realising the name would actually be spoken years later.

  2. Hormel is in Austin, MN. It produces about 6 million cans of spam a year. Which why it probably smells HORRIBLE in town when it being processed. The majority goes to Japan or Hawaii. Have you ever had spam – sushi?

  3. I have. Would be on the counter at 7-11 in Hawaii in the late 80’s. Great for after surf food.

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