4 thoughts on “BFO227 – BF is a Giver!

  1. Well, how about that? I got my first Christmas card in the mail from a podcaster, and it was from Archerr! Well, actually, that’s my first Christmas Card in the mail from anyone, unless you count the one from New Zealand Post and delivered to a few million of their closest friends…. Oh well, at least I have TWO Christmas cards to read on my next podcast!!!

  2. I still haven’t gotten your Christmas card but I’m going to the PO box today…maybe it’s there waiting for me. I’m glad to hear my card got to Arthur before yours did. hehehe yeah for me! hahaha

  3. Well, I got your card yesterday and it had a nice little giftette. It’s now hanging on my refrigerator.


  4. I should have mentioned in advance that the boys made the chocolate covered pretzels and the oreos. The pretzels MAY burn your asshole a little bit…unless you eat them by mouth! And Fatty, that’s all yours. Larry got his own, so don’t let him try to steal any from you.

    Hope you have the best of holidays.

    Much love.

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