3 thoughts on “BFO2383 – Spamples

  1. I wish my insurance agent would try to find me savings. I call and they end up charging me more. I’m up to $110/month. And that’s with clean driving record and a cheap car.

  2. Some great so-so questions this year! Big Fatty, I think you evaded Mags’s question about what kind of Furry you’d be.

    And Spamples makes my day!

    I’m wondering about those caterpillar boots of yours. It must take a lot of those little devils to make a whole BOOT.

    Are they fuzzy caterpillars, spiky caterpillars, or smooth, vibrantly-colored caterpillars?
    And how do you tan a caterpillar hide?

    Circle the one(s) your boots are made from. Many would make lovely boots:

  3. Did I say “great so-so questions”?
    What’s wrong with me?
    I meant questions that were the HEIGHT of mediocrity.

    My TheraFlu habit is out-of-control…

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