6 thoughts on “BFO26 – BF’s Surprise Drunkcast

  1. Ha! Big Fatty drunk is more entertaining than most of us sober! You know I–who had no wines this time–couldn’t quite place the Memory Lane theme until you said it, even though I watched the show (in re-runs).

    Since you’re busy cruising, I thought I’d look up the information you provide for the Memory Lane themes: Jane WYATT was the mother (“Margaret”). The children were Betty “Princess” (and she was, too) played by Elinor Donahue, “Bud” played by Billy Gray and Kathy “Kitten” played by Lauren Chapin.

  2. Are you never going to tell us who the “big star” is on board the ship? It must be Miss Richfield 1981. And why didn’t you get Larry Klye on mic? Haven’t heard his deliciousness in ages. Speaking of which…where are *his* pictures of him getting inappropriately touched? RUINED!!!

  3. I love it when you’re drunk! You should be drunk when you’re on my group shows! You were so funny forgetting what you wanted to say and do. It was great! It was hilarious when you would talk to Larry and we couldn’t hear what he was saying back to you.

    I did guess the Memory Lane Music this time. I used to watch Father Knows Best in reruns. Loved that show.

  4. Did Larry Klye really vomit? I thought I heard him for real, but it could have been another one of your noises coming out of you, Big Fatty.

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