11 thoughts on “BFO28 – EXPLICIT, Fatter and Tanner

  1. Aww – poor Big Fatty. What a nightmare. Maybe you should have given a more specific description of the missing clothes. You might have mentioned the white stains from Bukkake-fest 🙂

  2. Oh dear heart lovie,

    Gooch and I listened to this in bed this morning before we started our day and alternated between shared looks of sympathy and coffee spit takes of laughter. You’re the best.

    Oh and PS, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a call from Ms. McCunt Cunt. That is of course only if she heard your program.

    Cunty kisses,

  3. You certainly did complain about that cunt the whole podcast. I certainly hope by now you have your suitcase back!

  4. Hi Big Fatty,

    I flew AirTran Airlines once and had a similar experience. They lost my luggage too. Every AirTran employee I talked to was as rude as the one you described. They finally delivered it to my house two days later. I will never fly AirTran again.

    I hope your luggage arrives sooner than mine did.

    Tom from Boston

  5. Oh My God! That was one of the funniest episodes of the BFO so far! You should bitch more on your podcast!

    We are so glad to have you back safe and sound in the Podosphere!

    Tim Call An Ambulance

  6. OMG I’m with Tim. This episode was hilair.

    I love a BitchCast! More more!

  7. Maybe you should have described the other clothing items in the bag in great detail. Like those stains and customized underwear you traded with others on the cruise.
    Was there there any sexy horror items in the ORANGE bag? You should have described that as well and watched her head spin or at least watched her crumple on the floor begging for her nitroglycerin pills.

  8. Were your jeans crotchless, assless ?
    That would have made her throw up a little bit in her mouth.

  9. Truly loved this episode and sorry you had a such a bad time finding your luggage. Nothing ruins a trip more when luggage is lost. I went to Germany the same time you did and a coworker had ALL of this luggage lost and they didn’t arrive until the day before he was to go home!

    On the way home – another coworker not only had a flight canceled due to weather but the security in Detroit airport took from him a piece of luggage from him, a fleece jacket he had won at the meeting and they took an item he bought for his wife as well and on top of all that he had his sirius radio stolen as well on the flight over!

  10. I’ve taken two gay cruises and both times afterwards I’ve felt like Cinderella after the ball. Reality smacked me in the head as soon as we left the ship. After a week of pampering and a virtually female and child-free environment, I was into a rude awakening as I reentered the real world. I feel your pain.

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