BFO2873 – Start of Year 12

It’s the start of Year 12 of the Big Fatty Online and that means a show during halftime of the Superb Owl to choose the #1, #2 and #3 fans of the BFO. Don’t forget there’s a regular LITTLE show again tomorrow. Thanks for sticking around this long!

5 thoughts on “BFO2873 – Start of Year 12

  1. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I’m the Avis of the #1 Fan Contest!

    I’ve disrupted the whole neighborhood, or at least I’ve awakened a cat or two.

    Congratulations to Ant in the Palm Springs & Terminally Single Tim!

  2. Always the bridesmaid….oh wait, at this wedding i’m never even the bridesmaid… always stuck at the “friends from work” table.

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