5 thoughts on “BFO2888 – Dog Food

  1. Clouseau: Does your dog bite?
    Hotel Clerk: No
    Dog bites Clouseau
    Clouseau: I thought you said your dog does not bite?
    Hotel Clerk: That’s not my dog.

  2. A little unsolicited advice here…

    When your mom asks a strange question like “did you get the dog food?” Answer in the affirmative. Say something like “yes, I got a 40 pound bag so we don’t have to worry about that for months.”

    If she says “there’s a hippo in the back yard.” Reply “wow! It’s early in the year for hippos to be out!”

    Don’t disagree with her. Don’t act like she said something nuts. Just enjoy the fantasy and go with it. She will be less agitated and happier.

    Trust me on this. I’ve lived through it. The only difficulty will be replying without laughter.

  3. I miss Kelvin and Hello Waffles so much. I thought when you called us Returners that you were going to announce that the howdy doo pancakes show was coming back.

    p.s. Moose’s unsolicited advice is the same as I would give if you solicited advice from me.

  4. Me too Crone! I had the honour and great pleasure to meet Waffles and his wonderful other half in person and they were amazing, sweet and most delightful. I would love to see them have a comeback, maybe as a throuple with BigFatty when he shelfs the little show ? (Just to think about that sad day breaks my little beaver heart)
    So why not a Big Fat Waffle Show?! I am sure BF would love to be the cream filling in that sandwich of awesome!

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