3 thoughts on “BFO2962 – BFOnions

  1. How shall we make it through the day without knowing what your discharges look like when you kick the bucket????? You are the beating pumping heart of the podosphere! There has to be a BFO 2.0. we need a daily Fat Acre Discharge Report.
    So here is my proposal for a last great contest for all BFOnions out there: Send in your idea what the Big Fat Sequel shall be called?
    The Shame of Thrones – or if this special stool could talk –
    or something like that. Kathy, Peter, Patty, all the Straight BF, lurkers, Vera and all the other wonderful people, get creative and don‘t let him go!!!!

  2. Awesome, PeterG 🙂 Awful and awesome- only you can combine both in one horrifying image! Excellent.

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