3 thoughts on “BFO303 – Back to “Normal”

  1. Back to normal…I could listen to this one easily. I’m looking forward to Blow It Out with Big Fatty. I bet it will be very gassy.

  2. So my dear old friend – you don’t want something from your wish list anymore because it is sooooo 2008?
    You want us to send you something nice and yummy from the apple store?

    You know, the beaver is not as rich as Auntie Her Ladyship Charles but the fish cannery was quite nice to me this year and so I decided to send you a little (a very little) something from the apple store my love. Watch closely your PO Box the next few days – I hope it is large enough 🙂
    (I guess you have heard that one before 🙂

    Your favorite Beaver xo kb

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